How Much Does Telephone Answering Service in London Cost?

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How Much Does Telephone Answering Service in London Cost?

How Much Does Telephone Answering Service in London Cost?

When it comes to making a business more effective, it can be useful to look into automating various elements of the business. For example, most business owners and professionals don’t have the time to sit and answer every call and query that arrives. No business wins if they make the wrong impression, so hiring a telephone answering service can solve that problem.

If you are looking for a way to make sure you can see greater energy from your staff, keep them off the phone. Instead, hire a telephone answering service and have a polite, clear, professional Virtual Receptionist to answer the phone for you. This is far more useful than having the team answering the phone in the middle of work, or having you have to become salesman as well as manager.

It’s also a far cheaper way to run a business, and can be the most effective means in making sure you can avoid excess staffing costs. Having a receptionist around all day is a nice feat, but can you afford a full-time employee? If you cannot, or want to try and automate and outsource as much as you can, then this is the place to start.


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Make Sure Every Call is Answered

With the affordability of a telephone answering service, you can massively reduce the calls you miss on the job. Not everyone has the right ‘phone voice’ or attitude on the phone, and it can easily scare people off.

To help you avoid that problem, we recommend that you hire a telephone answering service in London for a more welcoming tone. Just how much can you expect to need to pay to hire a phone answering service?

  • For a small business, it can be very affordable. Standard rates start at around £10/month, with a £1/call rate added in on top. That can be a great rate, and even if one or two calls come off in the whole month you will have more than made your money back. For a business just starting out, that can be great for turning more calls into leads.
  • For a growing business, it’s plausible to find a service for around 25 calls/month for just £25. Again, you would usually be paying around £1/call after that, but that can be very affordable as well.
  • For businesses moving upwards on the ladder, you can easily find call platforms for 50-100 calls at just £1/call, with the same cost for anything over that. It allows your business to thrive and grow while the people who make it so successful can do what they do rather than become part-time salesman.

For this reason, then, hiring a properly managed and affordable telephone answering service can only be a good thing. If your business has issues with how it can come across, you can solve that problem right away with the help of a telephone answering service immediately.

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